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- Alexander School Embraces Google Apps to Empower Students -

The time has come for schools to embrace the idea of integrating technology. The 21st Century economy is fierce, competitive, and rugged. Only the fittest of the fittest can survive it. Gone are the days, when we use computers to do ‘things differently’, the time has come for teachers to use the computer and other modern educational technology and do ‘different things’ in the classroom.

During our Staff Development Day, teachers were instructed, trained and equipped to advance their students further in this direction with the introduction of ‘Google Apps for Education’ at Alexander school.

21st Century employees would need to be able to think outside the box and do different things in order to have a competitive edge over their counterparts. For this reason it was important to embrace the idea of using Goggle Apps for Education to empower our students - the next generation of administrators, CEOs, and technocrats, to give them the knowledge base that will enable them to become masters of their fields. It is proclaimed that modern technology has the power to change the ‘content, pedagogy and effects’ of education on the future generation. Schools and educators have a vital role to play in this. Students enjoy and demonstrate the joy of learning when they become ‘co-constructors of knowledge’ rather than one expert telling them what they know. Students of the 21st Century should be critical thinkers rather than mere ‘empty barrels’ waiting to accept deposits from their teachers.

Google Apps for Education helps to achieve this as a set of free, flexible, customizable tools that provides opportunities for students and teachers to work more effectively in a collaborative environment. This comprehensive, cost-effective solution is entirely browser-based, making it easier for students to work from any computer connected to the internet, without having to purchase expensive software to communicate or do their homework. This is an example of what is known as ‘Cloud’ computing.

Therefore, we can proudly state that Alexander school has moved into the ‘Cloud’ and is ready to ‘shower’ our students with a wealth of knowledge to help them achieve... in our ‘Year of Achievements’.

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